Start living the life that truly fits you

With an intimate group of like-minded souls and the magic of Bali you will be guided to find your own answers to the questions you’re facing.

Our retreats offer a combination of guided coaching sessions, yoga and meditative practices, fun excursions and quiet time to help you create the life that truly fits you.

We’ll also tap into your deeper motivation so the inspiration lasts well beyond the retreat. And of course, inspiration itself is not enough. The retreat will guide you to turn it into practical steps that you can actually implement when you return home.


Yoga & Diving

Immerse yourself in the meditative practices of yoga and diving. Enjoy exploring the beautiful warm waters of Bali while you tap into inspiration about the life you want to create.

Diane writing garden

Yoga & Writing

Jump into your creative self with writing and yoga. Discover your inner desires, chart your future course and clear the roadblocks to living a life true to you.

Our Retreats

Join us in Bali: Come claim your piece of magic

Rightly called ‘The Island of the Gods’, Bali attracts soul-seekers from all over the world looking for inner peace and guidance. It’s an incredibly nourishing and creative place that has a special way of pointing out what direction you need to take.

Join others and experience a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose here, discover new creative interests or become inspired with ideas to start  a business or shift careers. Bali always finds a way to leave her unique brand of magic on those that seek it.

Plumeria flower pink and white frangipani tropical flower, plumeria flower bloominge, spa flower, Bali island.
Pura Danau Bratan
The Goddess

Watch the next step in your extraordinary life unfold

Taking a retreat from our everyday routine is needed if we want to live the life that truly fits us.

When we’re away from the people and patterns that make up our daily routine, we have the space to turn our attention inward. This place of stillness is where the seeds of ideas and guidance emerge. We can then hear the whispers of our soul – that knows what we want – and our inner life coach – that knows how to get us there.

Then the magic starts showing up. We begin to trust that we are being supported on our path. Life begins to flow. We meet the right people, have the right conversations and take the right actions. Each step takes us closer to our dreams and, most importantly, we start enjoying the ride.

This is what we’ve discovered for our own lives and will be sharing with you in beautiful Bali.

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Who are we?

Diane & Michel

We are very lucky to be living in Bali after the magic of the island kindly brought us together. We both suffered a burnout from our lives – one of us in Australia and the other in The Netherlands – and individually we went on a search that landed us both in Bali. Yoga, meditation and coaching helped us tune in deeper to hear how to start creating lives that fitted us to the core.
We love sharing the transformative magic of Bali with our retreat guests and helping them discover their own path to the brilliant life that’s calling them.

Diane & Michel

About Us