Our Retreats

Diane writing garden

Our Retreat Philosophy

Our retreats are carefully designed to help you create a life that truly fits you.

This is what you can expect:

A beautiful setting

We believe nature and beauty heals and inspires.

Our retreats are held in stunning private luxury retreat centres in North Bali.

Wake up to lush green mountains and tropical gardens a few mins from the beach.

A group of like-minded souls

We believe in the power of a group to create opportunities and nurture positive change.

Find an ongoing support network and discover lasting friendships.

Small groups of 7-10

We value small, intimate groups where it’s easy to get to know each other.

Feel comfortable and safe being your authentic self.

Yoga & meditation

Yoga and meditation take you into your body so you can access your own body wisdom.

Daily yoga classes and guided meditations are part of every retreat.

Clear the space in your head for your true voice to speak.

Group coaching

Coaching has played a pivotal role in both our journeys.

Our retreats include group coaching sessions designed to help you discover the next steps.

Leave the retreat with a practical plan to upgrade your life.

Morning beachflow

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Diane writing garden


Diving is a meditative experience.

Floating under the surface, you will access a deeper stillness.

Allow this stillness and the wonder of the underwater world to fill you up.


Writing allows you to tap into your deeper desires and intuition.

We guide you through writing exercises to access this well of insight.

Get the messages you need to create a life that lights you up.

Quiet time

Quiet time to reflect helps to integrate your retreat journey.

Our retreats include time each day to be by yourself so the insights can bubble up.

Yummy food

We focus on giving you mouth-watering and healthy food (for obvious reasons).

Feeding your body is just as important as feeding your soul.

Fun excursions

Experience the culture and beauty of Bali.

We take you on local excursions to temples, waterfalls and hotsprings.

Get the full Bali experience.

Why go on retreat?

Being away from home triggers important insights

Taking time out from your normal life gives you space to see yourself and your life with greater clarity. It reawakens the values and desires that aren’t being met in your current life so you know where new action is needed.

Positive change is supported with a group of like minded people

Who you surround yourself with is really important, especially when you’re making changes to your life. Coming together with a like minded group of people helps support new action and the accountability ensures it lasts when you return home.

A weeklong immersion fast tracks the growth process

Our personal experience of retreats is that they are an incubator for insights you couldn’t have discovered on your own. Having a whole week dedicated to yourself is precious time to tune in and listen to what’s needed next.

Synchronicities turn ideas into reality, fast

Retreats tend to bump you into the right people and the right conversations you need to move forward with your dreams. The new friends you make could already be waiting with your next opportunity!


And finally:

It’s about personal growth but it’s also a holiday!

A retreat combines personal growth with the perks of a holiday. Enjoy the relaxation of a beautiful Bali holiday while you craft the next chapter of your life.

Yoga & Diving

The Goddess

Rejuvenate your body and spirit. Explore the underwater world as a meditation. Sink into your body and desires. Indulge in beauty and nature. Listen to your deepest dreams. Return to the truest version of you

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Yoga & Writing

Connect with your inner muse. Be inspired by the beauty of Bali. Find the voice of your soul. Let nature heal you. Discover what your body has to share. Create the next chapter of your extraordinary life.

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