Join the magic in Bali. Dive into yourself. Then take the magic back home with you.


Bali is a place you can feel-

It can’t be experienced in the mind, it inhabits your senses.

On the outside it looks like a tropical paradise, bursting with sunshine, oversized flowers, coconut trees and luscious fruit. On the inside it feels like a warm breeze gently inviting you to dive deeper into yourself.

Spiritual ceremony is a daily ritual for the Hindu Balinese people, which is where Bali got it’s name: ‘Island of the Gods’. Spirituality here balances devotion with pleasure – pairing prayer and offerings to the Gods with food and celebration all done in beautiful bright-coloured dress.

For the visitor Bali gifts you with the experience of living in the ‘now’ – which can be seen in the genuine warmth and sparkly eyes of the Balinese people you’ll meet. Once you arrive in Bali you’ll realize you can let go of the emails, deadlines and rush of your normal life and step into your natural state of creativity, aliveness and flow.

North West Bali

North West Bali is quieter and calmer than in the South. Tucked away from the bigger cities and main tourist areas, the villages along the coast are resting between the beautiful beaches and the Pulaki Mountains.

The mountains can be seen and felt from everywhere here. They give off a sense of stability and groundedness, helping to keep things in perspective. The bay keeps the ocean calm and some days it’s so still it looks like a mirror.

North West Bali is also home to Pulaki Temple – one of the main 3 Hindu temples in Bali. Dating back to the 16th century, the temple is guarded by cheeky monkeys who you can watch while you’re watching the sunset over Java.

The village name literally translated means: ‘come back to you’ – and that’s exactly how it feels.

West Bali National park & Menjangan Island

Menjangan island is a coral reef paradise and protected marine reserve of Bali’s only national park. An uninhabited island, Menjangan is home to wild deer which you can meet while enjoying a picnic lunch.

It has some of the healthiest coral reefs and spectacular wall dives in Bali. Suited to all levels of divers and snorkellers, you can spot turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays, nudibranches and much more. Menjangan is a short boat ride from Mimpi harbor and a must see..