Our time in Bali has showed us the power of listening deeply to ourselves and following the trail as it unfolds in front of us, one step and dream at a time. Dive Into Yourself retreats came about from wanting to share that experience with others who also seek that path.


Our mission is to help you reconnect with your dreams,

tune into your inner wisdom and create a life that truly fits you.

Diane & Michel

I moved to Bali because I believed I would find a purpose here.

For the last seven years I’ve been visiting the island to go on retreat myself – to dive, do yoga, connect with the local community and reflect on my life. Now I’ve found my second home here.

North West Bali, where we hold our retreats, is the part of Bali that has always called me. There is something about the energy of this place that I love – it just makes me feel so relaxed. We decided it was the perfect spot to have our retreats – putting together all the pieces that helped us chart our own new directions.

My journey here from the Netherlands started when I became aware that the path to happiness starts from the inside.

For years I’d suffered from neck, shoulder and wrist problems (RSI). After the death of a close friend my body’s symptoms got much worse – what had been manageable became more serious injuries, a constant sore throat and repeated flus.

It was so bad I had to drop down to part-time work, I couldn’t play football, go dancing or do any of the things I enjoyed.


Our body tells us when we need to change

So I started yoga and dived into spirituality to heal my body. I found Shiatsu massage and became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which taught me that illness was the result of an imbalance in the body’s elements – earth, wood, metal, fire, and water.

I discovered that stress and difficulties expressing my emotions were a big cause of my physical problems. With yoga, meditation and breathwork I learnt how to be aware of what was happening inside my body.

A crisis says it’s time to choose a different path to take care of our health and happiness

Once my body was better I knew deep inside it wasn’t good to stay in my current job. I needed to choose a different path, and my gut feeling said that involved Bali.

I learnt how to trust my gut feeling and follow the things that made me happy – yoga, diving and salsa dancing. I trained as a Yoga teacher and Shiatsu masseur, hoping to focus more of my life on helping other people with healing and spirituality.


We use what we’ve already done in service of something more meaningful

Diver swimmingpool

I was working as a career and life coach in the Netherlands – and I enjoyed some elements of my job – but not all of them.

I wanted more freedom to combine coaching with the meditative practices of yoga and diving. I needed to find a new way to do what I was doing – and this is where retreats came in.


The new path turns our attention to what gives us energy

I’ve always been passionate about helping other people. Teaching people yoga and diving (as types of meditation) gives me energy because I’ve experienced just how much they help us get in touch with our inner guidance.

I look forward to sharing these things with you in Bali!


My intuition said Bali held the next piece of the puzzle for me.

I came to Bali looking for new purpose. I’d just experienced a few big endings in my life – the end of a marriage, the loss of interest in my career, and having to leave the country where I was living. Needing a new beginning, I decided to take a big leap and bet on Bali for the answers I was looking for.

Following my intuition and living a life of synchronicity has been my driving force for the past 15 years. I found yoga, meditation, spirituality, and writing by following this lifestyle – all that have created the life I now live.

My journey from Australia (via the UK) to here began with the lesson that a fun and fulfilling life only comes from following the intelligent voice that lives inside the body, not the head.

Over a decade ago I was struck down with an acute case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME). Unable to work, drive or even hold up a book, I was forced into taking a time out from my life.

I took a course in meditation and started a daily practice of guided breathwork that helped me feel my body again.


When we move into our bodies, we are able to listen to ourselves for the first time

I realized that I had been living most of my life as an ‘out of body’ experience. Once I finally learned how to listen to my body, I discovered it wasn’t happy. I had a lot of suppressed emotions that wanted to be released and unhealthy patterns that needed unravelling.

After I recovered I was able to hear what I wanted and needed in my life – the people and places I was ready to let go of and the opportunities to live up to my potential I needed to follow.

Illness comes with the gift of pointing to our truest desires

I left my job and home country to live in England and spent a few exciting years exploring Europe and developing my career as a University teacher and conference host.

As I developed my intuition I knew a big change was coming but it didn’t happen the way I expected. My marriage suddenly ended and, even though we parted on friendly terms, I felt the loss.


When life doesn’t go to plan, bigger dreams are being born

Things started going ‘wrong’ in my career and I felt torn between holding onto the success I’d already built and following the inner voice that told me I was meant to do something else. Even though I couldn’t see what that something else was yet, I trusted my intuition again and decided to leave my job and move to Bali.

Diane Pechakucha

If we stay open, the right things come looking for us

In Bali I met all the right people to support me in creating a new business – which I love – as a writing coach for coaches and passionate entrepreneurs. And I met Michel – who became my partner in love and retreats.

I’m excited to take you on a journey of your own intuition here in Bali.

Join us in Bali. Let's share the magic and take it home with you

Collage Michel & Diane